With Apple's WWDC developers conference the next big thing on the company's agenda, rumours of what will be announced there are ramping up.

Apple itself has already stated that we'll find out more on the future of iOS - more than likely iOS 9 - and its Mac operating system, OS X, but others fully expect a long-overdue update to its streaming TV set-top-box too.

The current Apple TV box was released three years ago and while it bears little resemblance to the original launch version in terms of software, the hardware inside has been far superceded by rival devices.

And of late, Apple itself has dropped the price of the current model - also an indication that it plans to replace it in the coming months.

Another is a report in the New York Times, that claims to have been privy to spoken to an Apple employee who was briefed on the product. The anonymous sources states that not only is a new Apple TV on the horizon, but it will feature a redesigned remote control, one with a touchpad.

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The current remote has been around for far longer than the third generation box and has been praised by many for its minimalist design. The new one is said to be thicker, however, in order to accomodate the touch panel, although it will still feature just two buttons and therefore comply with the company's philosophy that conventional remote controls are too complicated.

What the full Apple TV will feature is still up for debate, with some suggesting that deals are being struck with US broadcasters to feature possible live TV streams, but there is still plenty of time until WWDC for more beans to be spilled.