(Pocket-lint) - Apple TV is doing better than expected, but it still isn't the answer to TV's problems and it definitely is still considered a hobby device. Or at least that's what Tim Cook indicated today, while ironically, on television.

During an interview on PBS network's Charlie Rose show, Cook, the chief executive officer at Apple, told host and interviewer Charlie Rose that Apple makes a lot of tough decisions, but the hardest ones involve deciding not to tackle certain ideas, to which Rose followed up with a question about the area of television.

The CEO emphasised to Rose that Apple is definitely interested in TV - which he described as "stuck back in the 70s" due to its "terrible" interface - but he fell short of admitting the company would one day fix all the issues associated with dated TV.

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on an Apple TV set as well as forging content partnerships with cable providers. It even has a set-top box called Apple TV, which Cook said 20 million people now own. He also said Apple has taken "stabs" at fixing TV via the Apple TV, and that the device has "far exceeded" the hobby label.

From the very first day Apple began shipping Apple TV in 2007, the company has, in the words of the late Steve Jobs, viewed the set-top box as a “hobby”. That said, with the rising popularity of streaming services and devices, many believe Apple should start aggressively taking its set-top box more seriously.

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Cook wouldn't elaborate on future TV plans during his interview, but he noted Apple TV has added more content over the last year and that Apple plans to continually look at the TV area with interest. In other words, you shouldn't hold your breath on a TV set or a significantly-updated Apple TV from Apple.

You can watch the TV portion of Cook's appearance on Charlie Rose, below.

Writing by Elyse Betters.