Alongside the latest beta for iOS 8, Apple has released a new software beta for Apple TV that includes a redesigned interface.

You will notice that the update, which is currently limited to developers, makes the set-top box's interface look much more like iOS 7, Apple's current version of iOS that released for iPhone and iPad last year. It's not a very dramatic overhaul, but some icons, such as Movies, TV, Shows, Music, Computers, etc, have been changed to look more bright-coloured and flat.

The Apple TV beta also brought a new typface: Helvetica Neue. It's the same typeface used throughout iOS 7. Dated fonts and all skeuomorphic elements found within older versions of iOS were thrown away last year after Apple let go of Scott Forstall, the former senior vice president of iOS software at Apple, and appointed designer Jony Ive as the leader and director of Human Interface software at the company.

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Don't expect to see these changes arrve for your Apple TV straightaway. They are part of a beta. That means consumers won't get the full release until this autumn, possibly when iOS 8 launches for public use.