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(Pocket-lint) - All glass gadgets are usually only found in sci-fi movies, but they may become a reality if Apple's Jony Ive has anything to do with it.

Right now you'll do well to go 24-hours without seeing someone with a cracked iPhone screen. But that's Gorilla glass, usually on the sandwich designed iPhone 4. Now that Apple is reportedly going to use Sapphire glass construction the strength should reach a new level. And the latest patents show an even better way to create a solid all-glass design.

The patent, crediting Jony Ive as one of the inventors, shows a method of fusing glass to create apparently seamless all-glass iPhones, iPads and iMacs. This could make for a really attractive Apple television when it finally gets unveiled.

The new fusion method means the glass remains lightweight, good looking and durable all at once. The patent suggests the pure glass could have variations in tint or roughness to cover up the electrical innards, on the rear panel for example. It also shows raised glass around areas of potential weakness like the camera lens.

Glass gadgets may be the future, once Sapphire glass is proven strong enough. But we aren't expecting to see this on the iPhone 6. Perhaps Apple's first television will be the unit to usher in the age of glass gadgetry.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.