Apple's set-top box might soon feature Siri, it's claimed.

9to5Mac has reported that Apple is working to include support for Siri on Apple TV. Siri, a virtual personal assistant, is a feature currently limited to Apple's mobile devices, but it recently popped up in code string under a couple of different codenames.

Specifically, within Apple's iOS 7.1 software development kit, the company described Siri as "Assistant" and used the integer value "3". Apple has previously used "3" in code and apps to represent Apple TV, suggesting the company is trying to hide that Siri is coming to Apple TV.

9to5Mac said iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are represented by "1" and "2" in this particular code string, and that "3" stands for a new device. That new device could stand for the iWatch or a number of forthcoming things, though most reports are name-dropping Apple TV.

Don't expect the current Apple TV set-top box to receive support for Siri, however. It lacks microphone input, meaning Apple would have to introduce new hardware if it really wants to integrate Siri on the Apple TV.

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Rumours have long claimed Apple's set-top box will one-day support Siri, especially due to companies like Amazon releasing new products, such as the Fire TV, with smart voice search features.

Other rumours swirling around have already claimed a new Apple TV is definitely in the works. Apart from Siri, it'll supposedly feature a dedicated Game Store, built-in TV tuner, Chromecast-like design, and Airport Express functionality.