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(Pocket-lint) - Do you hate the Apple TV's outdated remote? Well, a new concept design has completely reimagined it.

Apple is allegedly set to release an updated Apple TV set-top box with a revamped operating system, and imaginations are of course running wild as to what else the Cupertino company could have in store for the media hub. Apart from the actual box itself though, some have contemplated possible hardware redesigns for the Apple TV's remote.

Apple introduced a thinner and longer aluminium version of its Apple Remote in 2009. It notably featured play and pause buttons located beside the Menu button but under the directional buttons. Although this design has not changed in five years, German website CURVED/labs has dreamed up a new look.

As you can see in the concept image below, the new Apple TV remote would be a touch device very similar to the seventh-generation iPod nano. CURVED/labs said it would even wirelessly charge via the Apple TV and boast access to a separate App Store for Apple TVs. Models would come in black, grey, gold, and silver colour options - much like the iPhone 5S. Neat, right?

apple tv concept takes on ipod nano like remote with iphone like gold design image 2

It looks like the new Apple TV would come in matching colours as well, according to the concept imagery. The set-top box appears a bit rounder, though the footprint has remained largely unchained. As for the specs inside, CURVED/labs imagined it would include support for 4K video, an HDMI 2.0 port, A7 chip, new WLAN tech, Bluetooth, and much more.

The concept images certainly look cool, but, unfortunately, it's all wishful thinking at this point. Reports have indicated the next Apple TV might include new input methods for TV-related products, such as motion controls, as well as a new operating system, but there's been no word on a new hardware design for the set-top box (let alone the Apple TV remote).

Writing by Elyse Betters.