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(Pocket-lint) - Apple will be taking its Apple TV set-top box a step further, moving beyond being just a deliverer of iTunes content, Netflix and Hulu.

9to5mac reports Apple is testing a built-in TV tuner within the next-generation Apple TV, a feature similar to what is found on the new Xbox One and the Google TV boxes during their peak. A built-in TV tuner would allow users to control their existing cable boxes with an Apple-design user-interface on-top.

Furthermore, Apple has considered including an integrated 802.11ac wireless router within its Apple TV, according to the publication. It could make for a more stable streaming experience, rather than the Apple TV having to connect to a wireless router found in another room.

iLounge reported last week that gaming will be a focus in an update to the Apple TV hardware coming in March or earlier. Developers are said to be working on Bluetooth controller options. And 9to5mac added there's the possibility of "new types of content" found within the software, which could mean the inclusion of an App Store or "Game Store" where users can download content from their set-top box.

Of course, just because Apple is testing a feature doesn't mean it will come to market. Nonetheless, it sounds like Apple is about to make a bigger move in the home entertainment space.

The company updated its Apple online store Monday evening with an entire Apple TV section, rather than grouping it with the iPod. Coincidence?

Writing by Jake Smith.