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(Pocket-lint) - Foxconn, the company who assembles gadgets for Apple and other companies, is looking into launching a manufacturing plant in the US to build advanced displays.

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou told reporters on Sunday a US plant would be made up of high-tech manufacturing, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Automation, software and technology innovation will be our key focus in the US in the coming few years," he said.

Interestingly, Gou specifically stated the plant (if it were to become a reality) will be used to manufacture liquid display screens larger than 60-inches. Foxconn is a major manufacturer and assembler for Apple, who has long been rumoured to build an iTV. Could this be a good clue for a TV set from Apple or simply a coincidence?

Gou noted that it's currently difficult to ship large TV screens to the US from Asia. If Apple were to launch an iTV, presumably it would want a plant in the US to efficiently ship TV sets around its homeland.

Of course, the Foxconn plant could simply be used to manufacture display panels for other technology companies.

Apple has begun to ramp up its US manufacturing, building the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas and a sapphire glass plant in Arizona that's expected to open soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC in an interview on Friday that US manufacturing was a sense of pride for the company, and at the same time, refused to talk about the rumoured iTV and iWatch.

Writing by Jake Smith.