The 6.0 update released to the Apple TV last week has been pulled by Apple. The move, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the company, was prompted by several installation issues that left users unable to use their set-top box.

The update went smoothly for some users, bringing them access to several improvements, support for iTunes Radio in the US, ability to browse and buy music from the iTunes Music Store, and access AirPlay From iCloud.

However for other users in severe cases, they were left unable to use their Apple TV (otherwise known as bricking) and had to connect to iTunes via microUSB cable to get it working again. In more minor instances, users were unable to access the internet over the device - leaving it useless.

Apple's website is still listing the update as live, but for many of our readers and users across Twitter, Software Update on the Apple TV currently shows Apple TV 5.3 as the most recent update.

We've reached out to Apple in hope of learning more.

Update: The update has resurfaced for Apple TV users - seemingly fixed.