Apple kept tight lipped about any TV developments in favour of keeping the limelight on the iPhone 5S and 5C last night. But with iTunes Radio and iOS 7 getting an 18 September release date it's looking likely the new Apple TV update will come on the same day.

AllthingsD says the update will bring a tweak to Apple's Airplay. This will mean you're able to stream purchased content to your mate's Apple TV, directly from the cloud. No more downloading it to your iPhone or iPad to fling over to the Apple TV, now you can tell that box you're the owner of the content and it'll bring it up for you. Yes, much like Google has done with Chromecast.

While opening up the platform a little is nice, we're hoping Apple has a bit more to offer on 18 September that really takes advantage of the new iOS 7. For now we'll have to wait and hope the Time Warner deal leads to new content options in the near future.