The long-rumoured new Apple TV may have made an appearance in iOS 5.1 code. Hidden within the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system are lines of code that refer to a device called Apple TV 3,1 and J33. 

According to, Apple TVs have stopped shipping out to stores, indicating a possible hardware update due to be pushed out. The iOS5 code doest offer a lot in terms of details, but rumours point to Bluetooth 4.0, as with the iPhone 4S, being embedded in the device. We also expect to see an A6 processor sat inside the Apple TV update, so that 1080p video playback is possible. 

iOS is becoming a bit of a treasure trove for new Apple product details. References made to the possible iPad 3 were also recently discovered within iOS 5. 

We don't have much more on the next generation Apple TV, unfortunately. A software change is possible, as is a hardware redsign. Only those inside the big A will know, but we are definitely excited.

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