Apple's rumoured iTV could feature a Sharp made amorphous TFT LCD display. The partnership between Apple and Sharp over its iOS powered device displays could be translated into its rumoured television project. 

Whilst it is unlikely we will see any of the OLED tech Sharp is providing in future iPhones and iPads, it is entirely possible that its display expertise could be used in the Apple iTV project. Sharp is a very well respected panel manufacturer, its Aquos range of televisions proving particularly popular in Japan.

Allthingsd is reporting that an analyst, Peter Misek, believes Sharp is changing an entire production line at its Sakai factory just to put together the Apple iTV panels. Furthermore he says that commercial production could be ready as early as February 2012, translating to a possible mid-year product launch. 

We imagine most of the competition is going to be quaking in its boots over this one. We can't think of many display manufacturers, even those with the best possible smart TV tech, that could likely rival Apple's knowledge of software or its iCloud setup. 

Given that Apple TV and iTunes already allows for streaming of a vast selection of movies, we suspect this will be translated into the iTV project, creating what will be a built-in on demand service like no other. 

Whilst no one really knows what the iTV project will look like or do, we expect Apple's magic touch to be more than enough to warrant a newly founded iTV rumour machine. 

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