Ever since Steve Jobs was quoted in his biography saying that he "cracked" the final piece in the Apple TV puzzle the inter webs have been buzzing with rumours that it's not a case of if, but when will Apple launch a full blown television. 

The latest rumour, coming from the New York Times, cites numerous "unnamed" sources saying that it is a done deal.

"I immediately began snooping around, asking Apple employees and people close to the company if a full fledged Apple Television was in the works. Several people, all speaking on condition of anonymity for obvious reasons, told me that nothing was actively being built, but - and this was a big but - I was told repeatedly that Apple would eventually make a television. 'Absolutely, it is a guaranteed product for Apple,' I was told by one individual. 'Steve thinks the industry is totally broken.'" reports Nick Bilton at the newspaper.

The idea is not that Apple isn't ready to create a 30-inch Apple powered televisions, but that one of the biggest issues it believes people has is that people have to use a remote control and that's just not very Apple. 

So the rumourmills have started turning to Apple's latest product, Siri, for inspiration. It makes sense after all, Microsoft already has Kinect accessory with voice control for the Xbox 360, something that most of the Apple fan sites who are covering the story and the New York Times seemed to have forgotten.  

We can already see what an Apple TV with voice control would be like thanks to a skit on 30 Rock where Alec Balwin's character Jack Donaghy tells another TV exec that he has created voice activated television. Sadly it doesn't go according to plan.