Ah, the Apple rumour mill. We know it well. Hardly a day goes past when we don't hear about the purported next-gen iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod. And now there's a new device for the Cupertino scuttlebutt - an Apple TV.

No, not the small little hobby box - an actual television set branded with the familiar Apple traits.

That's what's coming according to a report on the Daily Tech, who cites a former Apple executive, speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying that Jobs and the gang are readying a device for launch this autumn that will "blow Netflix and all those other guys away".

The TV will be made by a "major OEM" apparently, who doesn't mind teaming with Apple as "if you have to be competing with somebody, you want to be competing with yourself."

Now this is where we begin to doubt the validity of the report. As MG Siegler on TechCruch points out, Apple is a massive control freak and (ignoring the ill-fated Motorola ROKR) likes to be in have complete authority over its devices.

It's hardly likely to let Samsung knock up a whole TV (Sammy is the rumoured partner) and then place an Apple sticker on the bezel.

Much more likely is that it will do what it does with its other high profile devices, use different parts from different manufacturers (sometimes using more than one manufacturer for the same part) and assemble the TVs themselves at one of its many out-sourced Far Eastern plants.

For as per the Tech Crunch report, we've no doubt that an Apple TV will be coming at some point, but a re-branded Samsung TV set this year - it's not likely.