Boxee Box owners prepare to be excited. Boxee Box owners who also own an iPad prepare to be double excited - VP of Marketing for Boxee, Andrew Kippen, has confirmed that new software is coming to the D-Link box and that a new iPad app will be able to beam over video to your TV, via the box, using Apple's AirPlay.

Well, Kippen didn't specifically mention AirPlay by name - but we're not sure how else Boxee would get iPad video streaming to your TV.

Kippen did say that the app would be iPad 2 only - however, Engadget has confirmed that it will work on the original Jesus tablet too.

The software update (1.5, or 1.05 depending on which report you believe more) will also bring with it "a huge browser update" meaning a slicker, quicker experience for Boxee Box users.

The Boxee Box software update is set to hit before the end of the month although the desktop version of Boxee isn't being updated at this time. It's "on hold" according to Kippen.

Update: Kippen has clarified some details. See the updated story.

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