It’s like download city at the moment over at Apple, with the company not only allowing its users the chance to update their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices, but also their Apple TV as well.

So that the products all talk nicely to each other, especially the new AirPlay features, Apple has released an update for its Apple TV that will bring a couple of new features and services to the miniature set-top box.

The new software update promises new stuff such as MLB.TV, NBA, AirPlay for apps, Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1, new slideshow themes and improved on-screen keyboard. However, as UK customers will quickly find, many aren’t available to them and will be US-only services.

Although Netflix or NBA aren’t available in the UK, baseball fans will be able to get MLB.TV on their Apple TV, with the service available to UK and US customers alike, although you will need a subscription wherever you are.  

The new update is activated by turning on your Apple TV and following the on screen instructions.