There's been a few Apple TV jailbreak stories that have done the rounds, but they've all been pretty, well...naff.

But Plex on Apple TV - now that is big.

If you're not familiar with Plex, allow us to fill you in. Plex is a Mac OS X based media platform that is based on the popular, open-source, XBMC Media Centre.

What it does is to use your Mac as a media server base, allowing you to play media content across compatible devices. As well as local storage, Plex can also act as a media server for content streamed on the web and it boasts compatibility with the likes of the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube and 4oD.

So, in theory, a Apple TV running Plex means that you'd be turning your hobby box into a full-blown Google TV-killing machine.

At the moment the hack is just a "proof of concept client" and there are a few known bugs. However, if you do fancy giving it a try yourself, then check out the Plex forums for advice.

But remember, although jailbreaking can free your Apple devices from their shackles, it is frowned upon over in Cupertino.

So don't come crying to us if you balls it up and invalidate your warranty. That's a chance you're gonna have to take to be a super-geek.