Well, that didn't take long did it?

Despite only being announced a month ago, and with shipping of the next-generation device only beginning in the last week or so, the jail-breaking community have already announced that it has successfully hacked into Steve Job's new hobby - Apple TV mark II.

There were rumours of an exploit doing the rounds as soon as shipping began and now MuscleNerd has announced, via Twitter, that the Shatter jailbreaking method has been successful, albeit still at a very early stage.

What this means is still pretty unclear, but it will of course raise the expectation and hope levels of anyone who likes the thought of getting some apps onto their big screen TV.

The likely first step though for jailbreakers, will be tweaking the settings of their little black box to get the most out of it.

After all, with reports suggesting that the second-gen Apple TV can indeed handle 1080p video, but just not output it to your TV, then this seems like the logical first move.

Be sure to keep checking back on Pocket-lint, where we'll be following the Apple TV jailbreak saga as it unfolds.