Come on, we know your gadget-loving self isn't happy with just seeing the outside of your gadgets, and thankfully iFixit's latest tear down lets us see inside the new Apple TV.

So what's inside the new mini set top box from Apple? Turns out a Samsung NAND flash chip complete with 8GB of flash storage, while the A4 processor has 256MB of integrated RAM; the same as the iPad.

"Apple's current HD movies generally run less than 4GB, but Apple needs around 512MB for the OS and likely wants to leave room for video quality improvements over time", says the site.

"This is the easiest to service new Apple product we've seen recently. We awarded it a coveted Repairability Score of 8/10. The ease of repairing this device, integrated high-efficiency power supply, low 6-watt power consumption, and efficient stand-by mode lead us to believe this may be the most eco-friendly set-top box of all time".

But before you get excited about the idea of filling it with apps (yep we know the feature isn't available... yet) it's more likely that the flash memory is used to cache your favourite shows while they're being streamed.

For conspiracy theorists out there iFixit says that "the solder pads near the side of the logic board look to be a *perfect* match for a dock connector! This Apple TV seems to be a couple of features shy of a full-on computer".

If that's not enough to get you wagging your tails, iFixit also believes a space next to the memory would be just perfect for more storage, suggesting big memory packing versions in the future.