There are two ways at looking at Steve Jobs' stance when it comes to Apple TV.

Either the Cupertino captain does see it as merely a side project for Apple (he again referred to it as a "hobby" at the D8 conference last month) or, he is putting on his best poker face and bluffing the hell out of a mean hand ahead of a massive surprise after the likes of Google and Samsung have gone all in with their internet TV efforts.

If recent reports are to be believed then it's probably the latter. Last month we told you how sources had hinted at a sub $99 device that would be powered by iOS.

And now, new reports are again laying claim to this iOS route for a revamped Apple TV - with apps like Netflix and Hulu possibly being on board.

The NY Times' blog has spoken to a couple of Apple insiders, who have claimed that not only is there a user interface and graphics team working on the looks of a new Apple TV service, there is also a dedicated team on board who are charged with designing a new device for the software to play on.

Now it wouldn't surprise us if Apple is preparing a major launch for Apple TV, keeping its cards close to its chest until then, and playing down any rumours until that point.

But it would be a surprise if the tech giant let big rival Google steal a march on it by releasing its web-TV service first - Apple usually likes to get in first and blow the competition out of the water before they've even had a chance to get on board.

It will, therefore, be fascinating to see how this one pans out.