Amazon has with TiVo ditched the need for PC when it comes to renting movies via its Unbox download service.

TiVo, a kinda Sky Plus for the US has announced that subscribers can now browse, purchase and rent Amazon Unbox movies and television shows directly from the TV screen via their TiVo box.

The service is available to all broadband-connected TiVo Series2 and Series3 subscribers.

Users will be able to choose from thousands of movies to rent from $1.99 to $3.99, purchase from $9.99 to $14.99, or thousands of television shows to purchase for $1.99 per episode.

Launched in September 2006, Amazon Unbox is Amazon's digital video download service that offers over 10,000 television shows, movies and other video content for rent or purchase.

Videos rented or purchased on Amazon Unbox can be viewed via the PC or on the TV through Amazon Unbox on TiVo.

The service however is not available currently in the UK.