TiVo users in the US will soon be able to download content from Amazon's Unbox Video service to their TiVos to watch on their TVs.

The two companies are testing the new service, which still requires that users purchase or rent the show or movie from Amazon's website through their PC.

However, once the system has been configured, the content is automatically downloaded to the TiVo Series 2 or 3.

TiVo boxes are similar to BT Vision or Sky+ in the UK.

This gives an edge to Unbox Video over iTunes or Wal-Mart's new download service, which are more focussed on viewing on a PC or portable device.

Unbox Video content can be downloaded to a maximum for two PCs and two handheld devices; the TiVo will count as one PC download.

TV episodes cost from $2, while movies start at $10 and go up to $15 to purchase, $2 to rent.

The two companies have not said when the full service will go live.