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(Pocket-lint) - The new redesigned Fire TV interface will be rolling out "over the coming weeks" according to Amazon. We knew it was coming later in 2020, so it's squeezing in before January comes around. 

The bad news is that, initially at least, it is only coming to the streaming giant's recently-announced devices, the new Fire TV Stick (3rd gen) and Fire TV Stick Lite.

It's unclear at present when or if it'll be coming to older devices but you'd hope it will at least come to the 4K devices already in the market. 

AmazonFire TV photo 3

The redesign - which is much cleaner than the current VERY BUSY interface - was announced back at Amazon's annual devices and services launch in September where we saw the new Fire sticks launch alongside the ball-shaped Echo and Echo Dot plus a slew of new devices from Ring. 

AmazonFire TV photo 2

The new Fire TV interface brings profiles - probably the key feature - which means that family members can have their own personalised experience.

AmazonFire TV photo 4

There's also the aforementioned clearer design, a new Home screen, a main navigation bar in the centre of the screen like many other smart TV interfaces. Amazon says it has improved content discovery, too. 

We're hoping to get a look at the new interface soon and bring you a full tour of the new Fire TV design.

Writing by Dan Grabham.