Anker has partnered with Amazon to launch a new Fire TV soundbar, but with Anker’s Nebula branding.

That means this device is called “The Nebula Soundbar - Fire TV Edition.” It’s a $229.99 speaker that has built-in Alexa, can stream 4K Ultra HD video, and serves up the Fire TV interface without needing a separate Fire TV device. So, from what we can tell, this is like a Fire TV Stick 4K or the original Fire TV Cube, but it packs a 100W 2.1-channel setup with two speakers and two subwoofers.

Anker also mentions “Dolby Vision pass through” and said the soundbar comes bundled with an Alexa remote for voice commands, which Amazon described as “near-field Alexa voice control”. So, in other words, it doesn’t have mics for using Alexa. However, the Fire TV Cube does, and it can control your TV and home theatre equipment. We're not sure if Anker's soundbar can do that.

AnkerAnker image 2

Amazon has been partnering with many manufacturers to make “Fire TV Edition” televisions, so seeing it branch out to other streaming media devices isn't much of a surprise. Still, it'll be interesting to see how the Nebula soundbar works.

We've contacted Anker to get more details about the product and will update this post when we hear back. But, if you're hooked already, the Nebula Soundbar is available now for $229.99 in the US. It’s also coming to Canada, the UK, and Germany. It ships from 21 November.


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