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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon seems to be working on a new device to disrupt entertainment in the living room, though specific features may be up in the air still.

Bloomberg reported that Amazon is developing a device that’ll record live TV. Internally dubbed Frank, it'll supposedly let you record live TV and stream it to your smartphone, but that feature isn't concrete. The device, which is being worked on by Amazon's Lab 126 R&D division, would also have physical storage so you can save data locally, something current Fire TV boxes haven't done.

Speaking of that, it'll also connect to Fire TV boxes and use the same wireless technology that allows Amazon’s Echo speakers to pair with those boxes. Clearly, Amazon is aiming to compete with TiVo, though Bloomberg’s source indicated the product still isn’t official and could be canned. Aside from that, Amazon reportedly has plans to update its Fire TV stick with new software.

It might also lets its Fire TV software and video content be made available to even more TV makers. In other words, it sounds like Amazon is coming up with all sorts of ways it can further dominate the living room space and better compete with Tivo, Roku, and Netflix.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.