Amazon has confirmed the existence of a new Fire TV device it calls the Fire TV Cube.

Here's everything we know so far about the new device, which is a set-top box that also features Amazon Echo functionality built-in 

A splash page on simply says "What is Fire TV Cube?" with a box to sign up for more information. It also states that details are "coming soon". 

Pocket-lintAmazon Fire TV Cube confirmed set-top-box and Echo hybrid coming soon image 2

Ahead of the launch of the new, dongle-like 4K Fire TV, AFTVNews published a leaked image of that device plus a small, cubed set-top-box that combines box the full Fire TV experience and an Amazon Echo.

It has a light-up strip along the front, like the light ring around the top of an Echo or Echo Dot. And, like the Polk Alexa-enabled Command Bar (which is a soundbar that also has a light ring), the buttons on the top also copy those found on an Echo.

The device will almost certainly support 4K HDR and have a built-in speaker, although it is thought to be more Dot than a full-blown Echo speaker. This will essentially enable you to use the Alexa voice assistant without having to switch on your TV.

EngadgetAmazon Fire Tv Cube Confirmed Set-top-box And Echo Hybrid Coming Soon image 3

Since the first leak, Engadget published what is believed to be a page from a manual for an Amazon ethernet adapter. This clearly shows the Fire TV Cube, with the name clearly visible.

It shows a power port, Micro USB port (where the adapter plugs in), a HDMI output and what looks to be either an audio line-in or out. There Fire TV Cube doesn't appear to have a built-in speaker of any note, so it probably is more like an Echo Dot in terms of its Echo features. You'd connect it up to a soundbar to make it smart, effectively. 

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