Amazon is considering a free, ad-supported version of Prime Video, a new report has claimed. 

The streaming service is a benefit for Amazon Prime subscribers, who currently pay $99 a year for their membership. They get things like free two-day shipping and access to a large library of video streaming content. However, according to AdAge, a free version is in the works, and it will feature children's programming, lifestyle shows, a back catalogue from Amazon, and even content from other creators.

Amazon is reportedly mulling the idea of giving creators their own channels and "sharing ad revenue in exchange for a set number of hours of content each week", AdAge said an unnamed executive told it. The service would be available to non-Prime members, and it would feature adverts. Amazon might also share data like audience information and ad revenue to help get the new effort off the ground.

So, why would Amazon offer a free version of a service it already collects money from? Well, it could then encourage viewers to upgrade to a Prime account in order to access ad-free streams and other Prime benefits.