Plex Live TV and DVR are now available on Amazon Fire TV.

In other words, you now have another way to stream over-the-air shows. Previously, Plex Live TV and DVR was only accessible on Android, iPhone, Android TV, and Apple TV devices. Plex, which was originally an easy way to access your locally stored content, rolled out Live TV and DVR for users willing to pay a $4.99 subscription fee. But to use the feature, they also needed an HDTV antenna.

Local channels received by the antenna can be streamed to a media player device. And the content recorded will be integrated with users' existing media library. Plex also updated its Fire TV app with a new interface that makes it easier to access stored media and recordings. Alongside news about it coming to Amazon Fire TV, Plex has further launched Live TV on the Plex web app (DVR was already available).

Nevertheless, Plex Live TV is an affordable alternative to most cable packages. Check out Pocket-lint's cord-cutters guide for more info on how to finally ditch cable in favour of streaming over the air.