Amazon inked an "overall deal" with the creator of The Walking Dead.

The company revealed that it signed a first-look deal with Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment, the production company behind a few popular comics and hit TV shows, such as The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. That means Amazon Prime Video will be the place to go if you want to see any new shows from Kirkman, whose long list of credits also includes being the creator of Cinemax’s Outcast.

Skybound had close ties with AMC, the TV network that premiered both Walking Dead TV shows, but nevertheless, Amazon will now get first dibs on any new projects that Skybound develops - a huge advantage for Amazon. Keep in mind Amazon competes with several streaming services, including Netflix. And Netflix just announced it bought Mark Millar’s company to develop more original programming.

In other words, the TV streaming market is getting increasingly competitive, and Amazon is doing everything it can to keep you tuning in, such as singing a deal with Kirkman, which allows it to get early access to any new productions he may have in mind.

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