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(Pocket-lint) - During the recent Amazon Prime Day sales, you might have snapped up a bargain Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and now have an Alexa voice assistant in your home. And if you did, you're probably wondering what amazing things you can do with it.

Well, we recommend you check our in-depth guide on Alexa voice control here. Plus, if you have a 2017 Sony 4K Android TV and/or a Logitech Harmony control system you can now use your Echo to interact with those too.

Amazon offers manufacturers and developers the APIs to integrate Alexa-control into all manner of objects and connected products. Sony and Logitech are just two firms to make use of the Smart Home Skill API.

It means that owners of 2017 Sony sets can now turn on or off their TVs, change the volume, switch inputs and control content through barking commands at an Alexa-enabled device.

In addition, those that use Logitech Harmony controllers can now use Alexa to control multiple home devices, even if they aren't specifically connected themselves.

At present, only US customers get the benefit, as only developers in the States can currently use the APIs, but Amazon promises that support for the UK and Germany is coming soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 July 2017.