The Amazon Fire TV set-top box now serves up more video content options. From HBO, in fact.

HBO GO is now available on Amazon Fire TV. You can use the online video service's app to watch HBO shows and films, though you still need an HBO subscription. One of the best parts about HBO Go being available for Amazon Fire TV is that it fully supports voice search.

Amazon's set-top box features a svelte remote with a built-in mic. It allows you to - with the press of a button - use your voice to search for movies, shows, apps, and games. Amazon will display all related results from its catalogue as well as supported third-party apps like HBO Go.

Pocket-linthbo go finally launches with voice search for amazon fire tv image 2

The Amazon Fire TV, which is on sale for $79 until 28 December, now offers more than 700 apps and games and 1,700 content titles, including every episode of new and classic shows from HBO, as well as documentaries, original films, and miniseries, according to Amazon.

HBO GO will also be available for Amazon's Fire TV Stick next spring.

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