No sooner has the Fire TV launched in the UK than Amazon has pushed a fairly major software update for the streaming box.

One of the things that perhaps rankled about the device was that the list of compatible games was not as fully fleshed as we would have liked. However, a new option in the games library has added a stack of new titles to play - many of which are free. Running in beta mode at present is a sub-section in games called "Tablet Games for TV". It offers some game titles that have been designed specifically for a touchscreen, but have been adjusted to work with the game controller manipulating an on-screen pointer.

Some classic games would be too fiddly to control this way, but the ones chosen work well. You will need a game controller to play them, but if you don't want to fork out for Amazon's own, you can use a third-party Bluetooth pad instead.

Other amendments include screen mirroring for all Android mobile devices, not just those linked to your Amazon account. That means a guest can mirror the screen of their phone without having to register it in your name.

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The final major feature to have been added is that you can now use your UK Fire TV in the US and vice versa. It only works between those two countries at present, not in other regions where the device has launched recently, but as the box is small enough you might fancy taking it on an American holiday or the like.

We found that the update had automatically installed on our Fire TV, but you can also manually update through the settings if that hasn't happened yet.