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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon's Fire TV just got even more powerful.

No, the online retail giant's first set-top box didn't swap out its quad-core processor for something even more punchy; it simply updated voice search. You can now browse and find content on Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime with a simple voice search on the Fire TV.

When Fire TV launched in April, Amazon showcased the device's voice search capability. Users simply had to press and hold the search button on the Fire TV remote, then say an actor's name or whatever else, and Amazon would serve up related results. It's an effective way to find movies and shows actually, but unfortunately, the feature only supported Amazon Prime content and Vevo music videos at launch.

Although you can now voice search more services, you still can't voice search to find Jack Nicholson movies on Netflix or funny cat clips on YouTube, etc. If you want to search those services, you have to enter your query manually. That means you have to scroll through a cumbersome carousel with your Fire TV remote or game controller and punch every individual letter. It's quite tedious, trust us.

Amazon didn't announced whether support for voice search is coming to other services offered through Fire TV, but it confirmed a "big pipeline of great developers" are working to make their services and games available for Fire TV. Specifically, you can soon expect Fire TV apps from Telltale Games, Halfbrick, Pixowl, Disney Interactive, Minority Media, Paradox Interactive, Gaiam, AllRecipes, and Twitch.

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Amazon's Fire TV and remote launched on 2 April for $99 in the US. An Amazon representative told Pocket-lint that global availability is in the works, though that might not happen immediately. The Fire TV game controller also launched earlier this month, and it costs $39.99.

Writing by Elyse Betters.