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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has purportedly been working on its own branded set-top-box for a while, with some previously convinced that the retailer would release a device before Christmas last year.

That never happened, but the rumours and speculation never ceased. Now images have emerged of a Bluetooth games controller stamped with the Amazon branding, care of an "overseas regulatory agency", lending new weight to the existence of an streaming box that may be capable of more than just play Amazon Prime Instant content.

Pocket-lintamazon bluetooth games controller leaked could that mean kindle tv set top box is imminent  image 4

The controller pictured looks similar but not identical to the wireless gamepad sold for and by OnLive. The thumbstick configuration is different - the Amazon version is more akin to an Xbox 360 controller - but the shape, build and range of video action buttons across the bottom are in the same ball park.

This throws up two things. First, the controller might be made by the same manufacturer. And second, that we might be barking up the wrong tree. This leaked device might be designed to be used with a Kindle Fire tablet, in much the same way OnLive's Bluetooth controller works with Android devices.

And as much as the former use is the more romantic choice, the latter seems more likely.

Perhaps it will work with both. Now that we'd like to see.

Writing by Rik Henderson.