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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has been rumoured to be releasing its own TV streaming set-top box for some time, but has always denied it. However, partners of the online retailer apparently disagree, claiming that the service will launch as early as March.

Speaking to re/code, people who are partnering with Amazon say the company's potential rival to Apple TV and Roku is on track. They also say the device will be powered by Google's Android operating system.

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The company was originally thought to be planning its "Kindle box" for a Christmas 2013 release, but that never materialised. A report then emerged that the company was planning something "bigger than Kindle" based on an invitation sent to prospective job candidates.

Again, nothing more has been revealed since.

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What is tantalising though with the latest rumour is that, with the retailer rebranding its Lovefilm movie and TV show streaming service in the UK as Amazon Prime Instant Video from 26 February, there could be call for a dedicated streaming device here too.

Pocket-lint will report more as this story develops over the coming weeks.

Writing by Rik Henderson.