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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon and subsidiary Lovefilm have now made available the first 14 pilots commissioned through Amazon Studios, both online and to be streamed through multiple devices.

UK TV viewers can watch them through Lovefilm, while those in the US can stream them through Amazon Instant Video. And if you like a show, you will get the chance to give feedback which could see a further series commissioned.

Of the shows on offer, which can be viewed online for free, six are children’s programmes, while the others are essentially comedy pilots. Perhaps the most well-known among them are Onion News Empire, a 25-minute fictional sitcom based around the studio of the hugely popular online spoof site, and Zombieland, a small-screen continuation of the movie starring Woody Harrelson and Mark Zuckerberg, er, Jesse Eisenberg.

Amazon Studios Pilots is an incentive designed for the video streaming service to take on Netflix head-to-head for original content. Netflix has just added Eli Roth’s horror TV series Hemlock Grove to its line-up.

You can watch the pilots across devices capable of running either Lovefilm or Amazon Instant Video, and they are free to watch online too. At time of going to press we couldn’t find them on the iPad Lovefilm app, however. But they were available to us on PS3.

Lovefilm told Pocket-lint that they will be available on iOS and other devices soon, if not already there by the time you read this.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 April 2013.