Lovefilm has signed a deal with NBCUniversal to add its TV content to the movie and television show streaming service.

Shows to appear on the service will now include US TV greats such as 30 Rock, the American version of The Office starring Steve Carrell, and 80s classic Knight Rider featuring the Hoff. All series of Heroes will also be available to stream through Lovefilm on a PS3, Smart TV, compatible Blu-ray deck, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone and a number of other connected devices.

NBCU joins ABC, ITV and BBC on the platform and Lovefilm will continue in talks with other content suppliers to add further TV shows and series.

"We're excited to announce this partnership with Lovefilm and proud of the NBCUniversal titles represented in this agreement," said Belinda Menendez, president of NBCU International TV Distribution.

"Lovefilm customers will now have access to the classic NBCU series they know and love, as well the opportunity to discover our other high-calibre programming."

Now all we need is a deal to bring Automan to the service. Oh, and Street Hawk... Let's not forget Manimal... And B.J. and the Bear... And [fade to end]...