Lovefilm is in a better position to take on its main rival Netflix, now that it has added high-definition streaming to its feature set. Lovefilm Instant, the part of the movie-rental service that offers subscribers video-on-demand, now has HD movies and TV series ready for public consumption.

There are caveats, however. HD streaming will be possible only if a customer's broadband connection is 4mbps or higher. And that's only for 720p content - 1080p video will need at least a 12mbps connection.

Also, Lovefilm Instant HD is available only for certain devices at present. The Xbox 360 is now capable of streaming 720p content through its Xbox Live application, as are Samsung TVs and connected devices and LG connected TVs. 1080p streaming is currently possible only through PCs and Macs.

PlayStation 3 and Sony connected device owners are not able to stream HD Lovefilm video at the moment, but that is expected to change. "We're working on bringing full HD to Sony and the PlayStation 3 very soon. Sorry for the delay," said the company.

However, iPad owners won't get HD streaming anytime soon. "We don't currently have studio rights to stream HD on iPad," Lovefilm explained.

The service's major rival, Netflix is yet to add HD streaming to iPad, too, although it does stream full HD and 5.1 sound to PS3. So, while the announcement is a welcome one, Lovefilm still has a way to catch up.

Lovefilm Instant is available from £4.99 a month.

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