The Lovefilm vs Netflix battle continues to rumble on and it's the former that has struck the latest blow by announcing that it is hitting LG's Smart TV Platform in streaming form.

The Amazon-owned company has stated that it is working with LG to bring Lovefilm Instant to the web-powered TV platform. It is LG's first ever film and TV subscription streaming application.

We have already seen the platform land on Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and home cinema systems, as well as PS3s, Xbox 360s and selected Samsung devices too. In total there are 175 connected devices and there's a growing library of content too, available at a price slightly cheaper than Netflix.

The company recently announced that unlimited streaming had dropped to under a fiver - coming in at just £4.99 - and confirmed new streaming deals with Disney's ABC, ITV and BBC Worldwide.

"We are very excited to add Amazon's Lovefilm to the already extensive range of content on LG's Smart TV platform," said Stacey Seltzer, head of LG Smart TV. "LG's Smart TV provides a powerful new offering in home entertainment and we have invested significantly in this technology. Working with Amazon's Lovefilm is further proof of LG's commitment to providing customers with the best possible service."

The Lovefilm Instant application will be available on all LG's latest Smart TV product range  in April 2011, including:

. LW980T (47"/55")
. LW650T (42"/47"/55")
. LW550T (42"/47"/55")
. LV550T (32"/37"/42"/47")
. PZ950T (50"/60")
. PZ570T (50"/60")

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