Steve Jobs said that $2.99 was too much for a TV show rental.

He thought that 99c was a much fairer price. The assembled hacks seemed to agree - they whooped and cheered in the obligatory Apple event way.

Pocket-lint was even impressed - 99c for a rental does seem very reasonable.

But what's this? Amazon is offering TV shows, to own, for 99c.

Amazon 1 Apple 0.

Amazon's line up includes Fox and ABC shows, just like the revamped Apple TV and, unlike Apple's new little magic box, the shows aren't restricted to one box. 

Amazon Video on Demand is available on a number of internet connected TVs (including sets from Sony, Panasonic and Samsung) as well as third party set-top boxes from the likes of Roku and TiVo.

Like the Apple TV rental offerings though, Amazon's service is only currently available in the US. Boo.