Avatar, the big 3D hit of 2009, has gone on pre-order meaning you can count down the days before its release and be safe in the knowledge that you'll have a copy winging its way to you.

Available on both DVD and Blu-ray, Avatar will go on sale to the masses on 26 April 2010. There are a few different packages you can opt for, which are made up of the usual film-associated bumph, with the pick being the Avatar: Limited Edition Steelbook Combi pack with 4 lenticular artcards and the activist survival guide to Pandora.

However, those of you who watched it at the cinema - and were wowed by the special 3D effects - might not be able to bring yourselves to watch on standard Blu-ray, this being the case you'll have to be patient as the full 3D version won't be out until the autumn according to Cameron.

If you're after the peace of mind that pre-ordering will give you then Play.com seems to be pretty competitive as both the DVD and Blu-ray versions appear to be a snip at £9.99 and £14.99 respectively, whilst ordering the Steelbook Combi pack from Amazon will set you back £24.99 - still worth every penny.