Acer, the world's fourth largest PC maker, who already makes computers with HD DVD drives, has announced it is formally joining the North American HD DVD Promotional Group.

This announcement comes just days after the company made the same statement - but for the Blu-ray Disc Association.

"We're pleased that Acer is now a member of the North American HD DVD Promotional Group", said Ken Graffeo, co-president of the North American HD DVD Promotional Group.

The official line from the VP of the mobile computing unit for Acer, Campbell Kan, was: "Acer is pleased to join the North American HD DVD Promotional Group to help bring the freshest technology to more consumers worldwide".

"We are confident that our comprehensive HD DVD notebook offers will meet consumers' demand and expectation for true high definition experience. I look forward to further promoting the merit of HD DVD, in close collaboration with the Group."

On the 31st August, at the IFA 2007 technology event the very same Mr Kan said: "With increasing demand and expectation for richer media content, Acer is adding Blu-ray Disc technology into our notebooks", said Campbell Kan, Vice President, Mobile Computing Business Unit, Acer.

From the Blu-ray camp at the time: "We’re delighted to welcome Acer to the Blu-ray Disc Association", said Victor Matsuda, chairman of the BDA’s Global Promotions Committee".

An industry insider we spoke to said, "I think that's what's called hedging your bets".