3D displays continue to pour in, but Acer has some bold claims for its latest model - the GN245HQ - in that the manufacturer claims it is the "first 3D monitor in the world to support the HDMI 3D solution from Nvidia".

What this means is that it can handle HDMI in as well as DVI-DL connectivity, meaning that it can display non-PC 3D content - such as Blu-rays, Sky 3D, or direct from your 3D shooting camera.

You'll get some active-shutter Nvidia 3D glasses in the box which, combined with the monitor’s built-in IR emitter, lets you watch back your 3D content with your buddies, as multiple pair of glasses can be used at the same time.

The GN245HQ is a 23.6-inch LED backlit display and has an "unmatched" 100 million:1 contrast ratio, Full HD resolution (1920x1080) a 120Hz refresh rate and a response time of just 2ms - so should be more than quick enough for your gaming needs.

Out in March, priced at £419.99 - you'll want to get some extra speakers to do the display justice - it comes packing just a pair of in-built ones with a 2W output.