With so many TVs available on the market, some manufacturers are starting to turn to big name designers to lure in the punters to choose their TV over any other.

In steps Acer and a partnership with Pininfarina to create the AT58 LED TV range.

According to Acer, most TVs are full of "right angles and straight lines", however its new model has been "softened to harmonise with their surroundings".

"The design of Acer AT58 TVs was especially designed by Pininfarina to attract and relax the user", says the company.

If the design of the new Acer AT58 TV series is visually appealing, its performance specs will conquer consumers definitively, claims the company.
The range will come in a variety of sizes starting at 20 inches and running through the ranks of 23-, 27-, 32- to eventually reach 42-inch picture sizes.

More than just a viewing screen, the TV includes a personal video recorder (PVR) function allowing you to record shows to a USB drive or external HDD.
The refresh rate for all the products is 50Hz, while the 32-inch and 42-inch will be available also in the 100Hz version.   
The Aspire AT58 series 20-inch and 23-inch models will be available from mid October with an RRP of £229.99 (AT2058ML 20-inch), £269.99 (AT2358ML 23-inch) and £279.99 (AT2358MLW white 23-inch). The 27-inch and 32-inch will be available in November followed by the 32-inch and 42-inch in December.

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