GlideTV has debuted its first ever product, the GlideTV Navigator. The device fits in the palm of a hand and combines the functionality of a keyboard, mouse and AV remote for living rooms with a media PC set-up.

It launches with the boasts of "making it a breeze to access digital content stored on a home theater PC  that is connected to a TV".

The Navigator set-up is comprised of the remote, a charging station, and USB wireless receiver and is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, PS3 and any set-top box that is compatible with HID devices and works with Windows Media Center, Apple iTunes, Boxee, Apple Front Row, SageTV, Firefox, and any web browser.

"Up to now, consumers who wanted to connect a computer to the TV to take advantage of digital content had to bring office equipment to their living room, making the experience bulky and cumbersome", said Chris Painter, president and founder of GlideTV.

"With the Navigator, GlideTV brings simplicity to accessing internet-based entertainment and ushers in a new era for computing in the living room".

With a clickable touchpad, the Navigator boasts cursor control, one-thumb scrolling, single and double-click selection as well as Esc, Enter, Back, and Function keys.

The GlideTV Navigator is available worldwide with US pricing set at $149, a cost of 129 euros and an RRP of £119 here in the UK.