Sharp has announced that it's bringing four new televisions to Japan on 10 November, called the LX Series. The products are being released to mark the start of the tenth anniversary of the first AQUOS LCD TVs, and feature LED backlighting, along with a newly developed LCD panel.

The televisions incorporate Sharp's UV2A technology that improves the contrast ratios, and combines with the LED backlighting to offer - according to Sharp - the industry's lowest level of energy consumption. There's also the company's image processing chip, which helps out with fast moving images, and it can control peripheral devices with the AQUOS Familink II technology.

There's a a 60-inch model, a 52-inch model, a 46-inch model and a 40-inch model, but there's no European pricing yet because these are just being released in Japan for now. When they come to these shores, we'll make sure that you're the first to know.

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