Avid has announced an update to its family of Pinnacle Studio home movie-making software. The upgrades centre around HD content, but there are a number of other features too.

The family of products has been simplified and now consists of , Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection. Those run from low to high end and are primarily differentiated by features.

Pinnacle Studio HD, as the name suggests, includes support for HD content but while it can burn to AVCHD it can't burn a Blu-ray disc. Nor can it cope with multiple DVD menus or custom keyframes. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, however, can do all those things, and comes with some plugins. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection includes even more plugins.

All three bits of software will run on Windows 7, XP SP3, and Vista SP2 - 64- and 32-bit. Pinnacle Studio HD costs £40, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is £70 and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection is £100. Upgrades can be bought from previous versions, which cost £40 to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and £70 to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection.