Disney has announced that Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 classic, will be coming in IMAX 3D to a screen near you at the end of next year.

17 December 2010 has been earmarked as the Friday of choice which will see the film going head to head with Warner Bros. Pictures' Yogi Bear and Columbia Pictures' The Green Hornet and vie for the lion's share of the festive season's box office cash.

The news comes in line with Disney's promise that each of their releases from now on will be in 3D and will support the blockbuster title both in maximising audience immersiveness and minimizing potential losses through piracy.

Tron: Legacy will be the third of Disney's five picture deal with IMAX whose chairman and president, Greg Foster, said:

"We share a common goal with our partners at Disney, which is to transport people to places they normally can't go, and the world of Tron is certainly one of those cool places. Since I saw the first glimpse of Tron: Legacy in 3D over a year ago, I've felt it was the perfect match for the The IMAX Experience".

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