Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the latest 3D movie to grace the cinema, has shot straight to the top of the US box office, showing consumers have an urge to see 3D movies at the cinema.

The movie, which opened over the weekend, accounted for 50% of the weekend's receipts taking and estimated $30.3 million in box office takings and $16 million in 3D receipts, over half the total.

For those interested, the film was released in 3119 locations, and the majority of the play dates were RealD and other 3D bookings, says 3D stereoscopic 3D glasses maker RealD.

The family comedy grossed nearly $20 million, more than its closest competitor: Matt Damon's The Informant!, which debuted in second place with $10.5 million.

The success of the movie has been put down to it being the widest theatrical 3D film release to date.

The film centres around a town where food falls from the sky like rain.

The news comes as plans to rollout a further 2000 3D cinemas have been outlined at a recent 3D conference in California. Cinema chains hope that by May around 6000 screens will be 3D enabled.

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