Jeffery Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks has said that James Cameron's Avatar will be the "watershed moment" for the 3D film industry.

Talking to the Variety magazine at the recently held 3D-Summit conference in California, the Hollywood producer told the trade mag that he believes the film is destined for big things:

"I think Jim Cameron's "Avatar" will be the watershed moment; it will break the dam. It will show the live-action side of the business that it has the same value and opportunity we've seen with results on a worldwide basis for our product."

So excited by the new movie, due out in December, that Katzenberg says Avatar will be:

"to 3D what "The Wizard of Oz " was to color. It was a seminal moment. If you go back and look, not only did "The Wizard of Oz" use color it used it in such an exciting and compelling way, that's where the floodgates opened."

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